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2024 Chess Tournament

Think First, Move Second!

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Registration Instructions
You may enter up to 10 players at a time. If you have more than 10 players to register, you will need to make another pass after submitting the first 10. If this is a scholastic tournament, all players entered should attend the same school selected above. You may press the Payment button to pay for players already entered.
  • If you are not playing in the camp tournament, you may leave the USCF ID# blank.
  • If you know your player has USCF ID#, just enter it and the system will look up player's name, rating & expiration date.
  • If a player has previously played in a rated tournament or has had a previous USCF membership, look up the ID number here and enter his old number.
  • If a player has NEVER had a USCF membership, please join with the button below to get a USCF ID number number and enter it. Youths may also join or renew with a discounted membership at the tournament.
  • If you don't have a USCF ID and intend to buy it at the tournament, just enter your name where indicated and leave the ID# blank.
  • You must select sections for each player entered.
  • If a player wanPlayup is permitted, check playup
  • Use the Bye/Info field (public) to request a round bye or provide additional info for the TD. To contact the TD privately,to playup from a lower section and ask questions please email

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Be sure to include:

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  • Check the attendees list for confirmation
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